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Name | Alias: Nike Lemercier
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Canon: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (The World Is Still Beautiful)
Canon point: Chapter 10; after collapsing due to singing her rain song for an hour.
History: (Due to the canon being obscure and the wikis speaking mostly about the anime than manga, here is a detailed backstory to Nike's history. Here are the wikis to the series though.)

The Rain Kingdom is an island nation -- which can be found in the Eastern part of the world -- that has existed ever since ancient times. Very little is known about them as they rarely meddle in the affairs of other kingdoms; however there are legends the traveling minstrel would tell about the nation -- they hold the power to control the rain and weather. A power that was once used in those times to "split the world in half" or destroy three different country nations in a single night. Why they did it? It's unknown, but the legends aren't false nor exaggeration as the royal family acknowledge having once held such tremendous power. Once they found the weakness to their own abilities in the form of a stone known as "black lotus", they used their limited resources, at the time, to construct a tower to imprison any members of the royal family that would commit any type of felony with their abilities, and numerous amounts of jewelry using the stone to be given to all members of the family as a way to further restrict their own power -- better known as a "Limiter". To make absolute certain there were even more limitations, the royal family even found a way to change their original song -- in which they use to perfectly summon and control the weather -- to a more reduced version, where they can no longer create any type of national disaster. Only the future ruler, or better known as the best singer of the country, may learn about the original song and use it however they believe it to be absolutely necessary to.

As time went on with the world's population increasing and new kingdoms were being formed in the process, the legend about the Rain Kingdom began to be seen as nothing more than a myth due to the very nation keeping minimal contact with the rest of the world (while covering their island with rain clouds to avoid sailors from treading too close to their territory by sea). Nevertheless, they were forced to use their power once more as the world began to suffer from a severe drought, in which, many nations were trying to find a solution or water of any kind. The young Queen at the time, known as Tohara, who is Nike's grandmother, decided to offer a helping hand by providing rain to the much needed world, but in the process decided to close her kingdom's borders and cut all connections to the outside world. It was all due to guard her nation and the royal family's gift from falling into the wrong hands as their power can be used as a weapon, no matter how weakened it was.

From there on, the citizens of the Rain Kingdom began to live a more simple and basic lifestyle while adopting the motto "peaceful living by living a carefree life". It is a motto that has helped everyone live in tranquility; even though they were suffering the economic consequences of becoming a self-sufficient republic. In the short decades before Nike's birth, the country began to rely mainly on their own natural resources, technology, and medicine. Not only did the royal family hold the ability to control the rain, wind, and weather, but they learned to develop their skills in hypnosis as well. An ability that the royal family would not only use on their own nation, but within the family, itself. Tohara became a very well-respected Queen, and one that must never be defied against or it'll be automatically considered as treason, and that ideology still continues even after she retired the throne to her daughter, Iraha, after marrying her husband, Teteru Lemercier.

Even thought Iraha and Teteru are in charge of the throne, they are still considered to be the Duke and Duchess of the island nation -- with Iraha having more power over Teteru -- while Tohara took a more supportive role by raising and teaching the rain summoning song to all the children born within the royal family, even those who weren't in direct line to the throne. Nike was no exception as she was born as the fourth sovereign princess with three older sisters. Out of all the pregnancies, hers was memorable due to the amount of complications that her mother had that ended her in losing the ability to summon the rain while almost always bedridden. With the Duchess being unable to rule, most of the responsibility fell between Tohara and Teteru, with the former making most of the decisions than the latter. Tohara was even forced to single-handedly raise the four princesses and Kitora, who became an orphan after losing his parents at a young age. Nike's older sisters were able to naturally learn to summon the rain without any trouble unlike her and her cousin, Kitora. Their lack of abilities labelled them as the black sheep of the family as it was rare for such an occurrence to happen; however unlike the rest of the royal family, who lost faith in either one of them to ever learn to summon the rain, Tohara had them undergo intensive training by learning everything from scratch.

Kitora gave up on the training as he found it too difficult to do while Nike continue on without a second thought, no matter how much she had to push the limits of her voice or the amount of ridicule she had to endure from her relatives. Although Kitora gave up in summoning the rain, he continue to watch over Nike and support her by learning more over the best fruits to help heal her sore throat or do additional research about the weather for her to gain a better understanding of it. Due to the efforts of her grandmother, cousin, and herself, Nike was able to accomplish the goal in summoning the wind, rain, and even become the best singer of the country. Her progress was so astonishing that Tohara and some of the inner members of the royal family decided to choose Nike to become the next sovereign leader of the Rain Kingdom as a way to protect her from falling into the wrong hands by never informing her the consequences of the original rain song which they taught her nor about her own tremendous power.

At the very least, almost everyone in the inner circle of the royal family knew about the plan except for Teteru. After the world had been conquered in three short years by the monarch from the Sun Kingdom, the newly World King had offered the Rain Kingdom a chance to preserve their autonomy status by sending one of their princesses with the ability to summon the rain to be his wife. While the deal had been made, Tohara and Kitora were both busy in the middle of a country tour, so the decision was left to Teteru to make. He accepted the offer without a second thought as he was too frighten to pass up the chance to keep his country from getting too involved with the new political situation. The four princesses decided to make this important decision by a simple game of rock-paper-scissors to which Nike lost.

Without wasting too much time, Nike was sent away to the Sun Kingdom by ship, where she arrived sooner than intended (by using her wind summoning abilities) as she was excited to explore the new kingdom she was going to reign over and call home. After sending away the ship to her own country, she began to explore the kingdom, learning that not everyone was overly kind nor cruel -- there was simply distrust among themselves. As she was exploring the port areas of the kingdom, she learns the citizens of the Sun Kingdom have never seen rain nor have any knowledge about her own nation outside of the legends. She loses her baggage by a pair of thieves, and collapses due to starvation. Upon awakening, Nike finds herself in the home of a local family that found her unconscious and decided to help her by offering her food and their residence to stay in. Of course, Nike takes it upon herself to repay the family by cutting wood for them and doing other odd chores. One of those chores was to help their youngest child, known as Elise, to prepare the house for her parents' wedding anniversary. Through her, Nike learns more about the Sun Kingdom and their King as a capable ruler that did everything in his power to improve the lives of the common people more so than those with wealth and power. Upon returning to Elise's home to add the finishing touches to the party, they find their home had been vandalized and broken into. Nike realizes those responsible were the same ones who stole her own luggage. She chases after them and defeats them by using her wind summoning abilities -- after realizing her powers were slowly returning in her new area. After resolving the issue, Nike bid the family farewell as she uses her wind magic to make the confetti gracefully float up to the sky before dropping down before them as a gift for their wedding anniversary.

After ten days of riding by cart (with the thieves from earlier helping her reign the horses), Nike arrives to the front steps of the palace, where she declares to be the princess from the Rain Kingdom, who will marry their king. Needless to say, due to her very simple appearance and lack of royal escort, the palace guards didn't believe her and ended up fighting with her (after she pulled the first punch) until Neil, the Sun King's personal attendant, helped her enter the palace after verifying her identity. Nike meets the Sun King, known as Livius the First, who happens to be a young boy of twelve as the ruler of the world and kingdom. She learns the reason behind wishing to marry her was due to his wish in wanting to see rain fall from the sky. Nike feels offended by his entitled attitude over the matter that she ends up not only scolding him, but physically invade his personal space by pulling on his cheeks. Obviously, the consequences of her actions drive her straight into prison with Livius leaving her a choice: starve to death or summon the rain for him. Nike remains in jail for a short time as she uses her wind abilities to cut through the metal bars of her cell's window, but instead of quietly escaping from her new fate -- she decides to personally avenge her unfair treatment against the Sun King. That's where she finds his personal study, overhears his wish for a challenge, and pounces on him as she slowly decides in which way to appease her desire for revenge; however she loses her balance due to her intense hunger due to overusing her abilities when she wasn't fully accustomed to the new environment. Livius, instead of calling for his guards, wonders the true reason behind her lack of willingness to follow his orders as her life would be easier otherwise. Nike explains herself in finding it insulting that he treats her secret art for entertainment purposes along with his lack of fulfilling the requirements for her to summon the rain which she explains to him. Once they come to an understanding in that if Livius could fulfill her requirements, then she'll allow the rain to fall.

The next day, Nike awakens from a strange dream of a small child and his mother discussing about her wish to see the rain after the child grows curious over her humming a strange melody. As she tries to figure it out, Nike is introduced to three of her personal maids, who begin to forcefully lavish her with luxurious items like clothing, hair accessories, and shoes. Nike is overwhelm by it that she demands an explanation from the Sun King for his sudden need to offer her costly items, only to realize he didn't fully understand her requirements at all. Livius is saved from her lecturing as she spots a familiar flower with a distinct color and size compare to the ones found in her own kingdom. She is ecstatic to find it and uses it as an example of what she is searching for, but Livius doesn't understand her fascination for the flower as it is meaningless to him in which Nike finds him to be "a waste" especially when he technically now owns all of the flowers in the world. Livius is left reflective over her words on the subject later on the evening to which he catches Nike in the highest tower gazing over the starry night sky. He joins her and overhears her wish to have a younger brother like him to which is outright rejected. Nike is surprised to find the King and wonders over the reason for joining her, where Livius opens up to her a bit by admitting to find that the stars once held more shine to them than now while informing her over the royal gardens that she could use to further learn about the type of flowers grown in the Sun Kingdom. Nike accepts the offer while adding a further condition: he needs to accompany her.

The next morning, Nike and Livius spend their time together at the royal gardens as they explore the area and enjoy the weather. As they decide to take a break, Nike learns that Livius hasn't been in the garden for a long time while she notices the sudden change in his gaze. While she tries to figure out the reason, she notices from a distance an arrow being pointed towards Livius, so she pushes him out of the way and gets hit in turn. The injury left her with a fever, and remained unconscious until the next day. Nike is unable to leave the safety of her room as Livius declares martial law and begins to interrogate and exile those behind the assassination attempt. She wishes to detain him, but Neil arrives to inform her that by order of the King she is to return to her country at once. During the horse carriage, Nike and Neil have a serious discussion upon him noticing her dissatisfied expression over the situation. Neil, then, explains the reasoning behind the Sun King's decision in sending her away is his way of protecting her from harm along with the reason he conquer the world was a way to distract himself from the heavy and painful loss of his mother as she died three years ago from a successful assassination attempt. As Neil reveals these details about Livius, the horse carriage stops abruptly to point out the sudden smoke in the distance indicating a fire at the palace. Without a second thought, Nike and Neil return to the palace to assess the situation, only to find the soldiers and workers watching the inferno in his study room. No one is able to physically reach him until Nike begins to sing for the rain to come and take out the flames to protect the Sun King, who found his way to the top of the tower above his study. That is when everyone in the palace and surroundings were introduced to the rain for the first time along with a rainbow at the end.

Needless to say, once Nike reunited with Livius after the rain demonstration, he decides to keep her as his potential wife candidate with a kiss (to Nike's dismay).

Throughout the rest of the upcoming chapters, Nike goes through a variety of experiences like learning more about Livius's strengths, weaknesses, and personality, along with his tragic childhood past and his linage concerning Sheila, his mother, who was one of the previous Sun King's concubines; Nike learns more about the Sun Kingdom such as the power their church possess, amount of racism between the citizens and neighboring kingdoms due to her status as a peasant princess along with a portion of the church's priests having a great dislike for Livius's mixed linage, and more about the ally nations with the Sun Kingdom. She is forcefully thrown into formal training to become the next official Queen of the world by educating her on etiquette, speech, and other lessons needed to be a proper ruler. At first, Nike usually skips on most of her lessons as she uses the time to escape to the general public, in order, to help the citizens of the country with their crop work and simply interacting with them at a more personal level. It gets to the point that Nike can walk around the kingdom without the need of escorts, disguises, nor guards of any kind. Her popularity and approval ratings among the citizens grew due to it; however much cannot be said for those in high ranking positions.

Before her introduction party, where she is introduced to the Sun Kingdom's and neighboring nation's high society as a potential candidate as the First Lady, Nike encounters a group of neighboring ambassadors who believed the party was done with the intention of scoffing her as they believe Livius has a sadistic sense of humor. Livius, on the other hand, proves them wrong by not only defending her against them, but reminding them of their own position before her as his "wife". Although Nike appreciated the help, she decides to prove her own worth by accepting Livius's earlier proposition as using her rain summoning power for entertainment purposes while improving the eloquence of her own way of speaking as she uses her rain summoning and wind ability to enchant her audience including the ambassadors that insulted her before.

Once she gains the approval of nearby ambassadors, she faces another hurdle in the way of being accepted by the Ministry of Priesthood. She secretly meets -- after disguising herself as one of her maids -- one of the high ranking priests of the Sun Church known as Rani Aristes, who is responsible for rejecting the engagement between Livius and Nike due to his racist viewpoints of both while making a proposition for Nike to go through a ritual known as the "Rite of Illumination", where a princess needs to go through a journey in the underground church site to retrieve a pair of rings indicating the Sun God's acceptance into the royal family. Originally, Livius did not wish for Nike to go through with it as the ritual was both dangerous and would be a sign of weakness towards the church, but after learning about her determination to do it he decides to offer his support in way of offering her his mother's ring to be used a protective charm. In the end, Nike learns more about the priest and the way the nation approves of her status as the future Queen, she decides to go through the ritual, only to learn the horrible truth behind the death of so many different sovereigns -- the church sends a team of assassins to eliminate the princess's they don't approve of. Livius rescues Nike after she escapes the group of assasin priests. They escape the underground ruins after Nike creates a dense fog; unfortunately the leader of the group finds their location, attempts to kill Nike once more, and Livius protects her and almost decapitates his foe until Nike stops him and has him leaving a mark on his cheek instead. As they escape the scene, Nike learns that Livius was terrified over her life and doesn't wish for her to die, so after comforting him, they decide to work together to reveal the heinous plot of the zealot portion of the church in way of having Nike use her powers to surround a white halo around the sun as though it was a ring. The guests present at the engagement party are amazed by her abilities except for one of the priests, who begins to reveal the truth over the Ministry of Priesthood rejection against her and reveals himself as the leader of the team of assassins. That is when Rani Aristes confesses in being the mastermind behind it. Nike decides to cast judgement over him -- after Livius offers his permission -- in removing his rank as a high priest while giving him the chance to accept the engagement as a way to slowly improve his public image. He accepts, but Nike cannot fully forgive him until she gives him a punch to the face.

After the engagement was accepted by the Ministry of Priesthood, Nike had to gain the approval of her unofficial love rival and childhood friend of Livius known as Amaluna Luirasalle, also known as Luna, the official princess of the Ocean Kingdom. She makes an impromptu visit to the Sun Kingdom after hearing news over Livius's engagement from her ambassador, who ironically was the one responsible in both insulting Nike before turning into her biggest fan. Needless to say, Luna believes that Nike is the type to use her body and abilities to seduce all the men in the court, and decides to remain in the kingdom until Nike returns to her own country and dissolves her engagement with Livius. Luna does everything in her power to bully Nike in a variety of ways, which doesn't seem to work at first, until she found the best way to do it: putting in doubt Nike's compatibility with Livius as she proves to be the more suitable partner for him. It works in lowering Nike's confidence until Livius reassures her over the matter concerning the issue and even helps her improve on her dance steps as Nike is unable to dance in a formal way. Luna catches the way Livius feels the most at ease with Nike, so she decides to challenge Nike to a formal duel. Nike accepts her horse racing challenge, and even has a deep conversation concerning their feelings towards the Sun King. Luna is blown away by Nike's acceptance of Livius's weaknesses that she loses control of her horse and falls over the cliff. Nike rescues her by using her wind abilities to rise her back to the top of the cliff once more. Due to saving her life and understanding Nike's importance to Livius, Luna decides to return to her country after accepting Nike as the future bride. She only requests for Nike to summon the rain as a way to cover her heartbroken tears before bidding her friend farewell.

Nike begins to grow earnest in her interest to improve herself to become the next World Queen by no longer skipping as many lessons as she once did. Her waltz dancing skills have greatly improved. Livius notices the amount of studying she is doing to the point of overwhelming herself that he decides to ditch their responsibilities by attending the local harvest festival; however Nike realizes that Livius couldn't simply waltz into the capital without a disguise as it could cause a potential uproar. She finds a way to disguise him by dressing him up in the form of a young girl -- with the help of a friend who owns a local clothing business. To Livius's dismay, he goes along with the disguise for Nike's sake. They enjoy the festival together by playing games, dancing, and rescuing local citizens from getting robbed while being watched by the official Prime Minister of the kingdom and Livius's uncle, known as Bardwin Cicil Ifrikia, in the distance. He returned to the Sun Kingdom after a journey around the world to meet his nephew's potential bride as he heard rumors about her. As the official playboy of the kingdom, he tries to use his charisma to win over Nike, but fails as she notices the dishonesty in his suppose interest in her. Furthermore, she learned of the type of relationship he once had with Livius and believes he loves his nephew more than anyone else. While they have a serious discussion in a dark bedroom, Nike learns the reason that Bardwin returned to the kingdom was to protect Livius without his knowledge; however his plan backfires as Livius surrounds them with guards and decides to imprison Bardwin for adultery while Nike is placed under house arrest (without locking her door due to her wind ability).

Once Livius leaves her alone after trying to interrogate her over the events leading her and Bardwin ending up in a bedroom together, Nike decides to help Bardwin escape his jail cell by using her wind powers to cut through the metal bars. She learns about Bardwin's genuine romantic interest in Sheila as the reason behind his complicated relationship with Livius and the reason he helped him conquer the world when he could have forcefully taken the throne away from him -- it was all due to Sheila's final wish before her death to protect him. Bardwin left his position as Prime Minister after successfully conquering the world as he could no longer face Livius properly. Nike tries to motivate him to inform Livius of his feelings and retake his position as the Prime Minister, but he decides to leave instead. After their conversation, Nike encounters Neil with news over Bardwin's escape, but decides to ask for his help in her plan to fix the broken relationship between the obstinate nature of the royal duo: by way of inviting both Livius and Bardwin to meet her at a gazebo found in one of the royal gardens. They try to leave after encountering each other, but Nike uses her rain summoning abilities to force them back inside by creating an intense downpour. Her plan works as the royal duo have a serious discussion and reach the resolution with Livius asking Bardwin to return being his Prime Minister as he would very much like for him to remain in his life. Due to Nike having been summoning the rain for an hour, she loses consciousness.


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